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On this website you will find a variety of photos and information about broadcast-radio-technic-hobby.
Op deze website vind je een keur aan foto’s en informatie over broadcast-radio-techniek-hobby.

I repair or revise Audio and Broadcast (Processing) equipment.
Orban Optimod, CRL, Texar-Genter Prism, Aphex, Inovonics, Warsanis, Eela and Dateq mixing tables, Behringer, Philips MFB boxes and additional brands present on this site, including tube amplifiers! In addition, retrofit/reverse engineering of/or Orban modules, Aphex, Texar/Clark and various PA/guitar amplifier modules!!

Ik repareer of reviseer Audio- en Broadcast (Processing) apparatuur.
Orban Optimod, CRL, Texar-Genter Prism, Aphex, Inovonics, Warsanis, Eela- en Dateq mengtafels, Behringer, Philips MFB boxen en aanvullende merken die op deze site aanwezig zijn, incl. buizenversterkers! Daarnaast ook retrofit/reverse engineering van/of Orban modules, Aphex, Texar/Clark en diverse PA/gitaarversterker module’s!!

 Monisound is a service center for Refurbishing and Repair of analog audio and broadcast processing, Orban Optimod FM / AM / HF and CRL Systems . If you have any questions about technical issues you can contact me at any time.
 From ESPN to the BBC, ORBAN products are at work in radio and television stations around the world. Designing audio products for the challanges of broadcasting has kept Orban busy, and succesful, for over thirty years.
Orban de wereldwijde marktleider in Audio Processing FM, AM, TV of internet voor iedere toepassing een processor.
Orban is the worldwide market leader in Audio Processing FM, AM, TV or internet for every application a processor.