Broadcast Audio Processing NL
Below is a list of devices from the broadcast world of which I have collected photos in recent years!

Since the beginning of the 90s Warsanis comes with a 3-band processor for the Broadcast world in the Netherlands. This is the start of a long series of good processors that are made in our country! A good and affordable processor that in this digital era sounds very well with the last produced version. The Warsanis 1401-M2!!!

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 The first three bands processing ‘ De Warsanis 1240 FM ‘
Used in the audio processing line of Radio Veronica and Radio 538 (from The Netherlands).
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 The later successor became a 4 bander, the 1400 FM.
Used at a station Hitradio Veronica (from The Netherlands).
Now with addition of multiple update models!!
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 The 1401 FM version and with the upgrade print M2 (Aug-2006)
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